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It was never about me. It has always been about somebody else. Most of them say I suck at things. Yes I do. They say I will never make it, but I did. I have faith, much more than what I had before. I believe that things will work out just fine. I have my God. It is and always will be enough.

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Happy Sunday! @roy_rodriguez08 😘
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@roy_rodriguez08 😘
Dear @roy_rodriguez08, I know we’re not too showy on what we have cause we both like to keep it as private as we can. We don’t usually post pictures of us together or sweet nothings on each other’s wall either. But I’ll drop that for a day and let me tell you how happy I am with you. No matter what happens, I know that I can depend on you. (Maybe that’s why I do so many stupid things 😁) I’m so proud of you in so many ways. I wish our hearts keep beating for each other, as they always have. You know I love you. #medyocorny #medyobagay #medyocheesy #bagaygamay #hindinaminanniversary
Finally, after so long. Pero wala pa gani ko kasugod, bye bye na dayon. Hmp. Si Jade man gud ba, workaholic kaayo. Hahahah Lunch time pa gani ba. 😭😭 @salliee20
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